Spring at LPC

We invite you to visit us if you are seeking a church, or simply “seeking.” Our mission is to Share Jesus Every Day in All Ways because our members embrace real faith in action.  Our purpose is to serve with people in our community and those within our church to lovingly support each other in our joys and challenges.  We welcome each person and celebrate our differences as part of God’s rich design.


Summer Schedule

Sunday Worship: 9:30 AM
June 19 – Sept 4

Regular Schedule

Sunday Worship:
10:00 AM
Sunday School:
8:30 AM – Adults
10:00 AM- Children


 Pastor - Rev. Diane Ford


Song of the week
Song of the week:

During summer worship, Pastor Ford will feature a special song each week
which will be woven into the sermon.

21 August – Song: “We are the Champions” by Queen – Lyrics
14 August – Song: “Rocky Ground” by Bruce Springsteen – Lyrics – About
7 August – Song: “Swim” by Andrew McMahon – Lyrics
31 July – Song: “Up Down” – The Ambassador – Lyrics
24 July – Song: “He Didn’t Have To” by Brad Paisley
 – Lyrics
17 July – Song: “Make You Feel My Love” written by Bob Dylon, performed by Adele
10 July – Song:  “The Beauty of Gray,” by the band Live in 1992
3 July – Song: “Stairway to Heaven” by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page  of Led Zeppelin

26 June – Song:  “Roar”  by Katy Perry
19 June – Song: “Pulse” by Melissa Etheridge

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New:  “The Epistle” newsletter from LPC is now online

The LPC “Epistle,” a monthly newsletter that has been published for many years on paper, is now online.  This is the first issue expressly written for online distribution and one of many to follow. Click here to read

General Assembly - June 2016
The top 10 things that happened at the
PCUSA 222nd General Assembly
(18-25 June 2016)

June 27th blog written by Rev. Carl Wilton, Pastor of the Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church
and Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Monmouth

Blog Preview:   the number-one thing this Assembly did was to complete the process of adding the Belhar Confession as the twelfth confessional document contained in the Book of Confessions. While this was pretty much a foregone conclusion — since more than three-fourths of the presbyteries have already given their required assent — still, it is of great historic significance. After the positive vote, theologian Allan Boesak of South Africa, one of the authors of the Belhar Confession during the apartheid era, addressed the Assembly. He ended his remarks by saying, “We may not know what tomorrow may bring, but I know this: tonight, we have overcome. I know this: because of Jesus, we shall overcome. I know this: whatever may come in our world, we shall overcome.” In a moving moment, the Assembly responded by spontaneously breaking into song, singing — what else? —“We Shall Overcome.”

The Belhar Confession – a moving call for reconciliation, and a condemnation of racial injustice written in the crucible of the struggle over apartheid – is a significant addition to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Book of Confessions. Belhar becomes the first confession from the global south that the mostly-white PC(USA) has ever adopted – and the PC(USA) has done so at a time when racial tension, injustice and violence in the United States make headlines nearly every day.


For Orlando! – A Vigil of Unity in Lincroft
15 June 2016

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June 2016 – Andrew Kelly, a member of BSA Troop 246 sponsored by Lincroft Presbyterian Church chose as his Eagle Scout project to greatly improve and enhance LPC’s marquee sign at the corner of West Front Street and Everett Road.  The metal sign has been cleaned, scraped, sealed and painted.  The bushes under the sign have been removed and replaced with a raised garden and dwarf bushes.


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LPC college students Krista and Sydney
share their Mission Trip activities this spring, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two of our LPC college students, Krista and Sidney, went on mission trips during the spring 2016 semester.
They presented first-hand stories about there experiences and what they learned about
rural poverty and the needs and rights of children of seasonal/migrant farm workers.
– They made pressentations to the congregation immediately after worship.


Krista - Mission Trip

Krista – Mission Trip

 Over Spring Break, 2016, we volunteered with the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, a federally funded program for the children of seasonal and migrant farm workers. This program ensures that these families are aware of all their rights for themselves and their children once they enter the American education system.  The program provides a culturally sensitive classroom with both Spanish- and English-speaking teachers so that the children can adjust to the US culture and succeed in school but also continue to understand where they come from and remain fluent in their own language.  As volunteers we got to help the teachers with projects for family day events and to build playground structures while also getting to know the staff and children!



Sydney - Mission Trip

Sydney – Mission Trip

 Every year Duquesne University sponsors several Cross Cultural Mission Experience (CCME) trips for student volunteers. As part of the spring 2016 program I went to Mullens, West Virginia, for five days at the end of February/beginning of March to work with members of the community both to help in some way to stimulate their failing economy while also engaging in achieving a better understanding of the underlying causes of rural poverty.


Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

We pray for all in need.
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LincroftPresbyterian Church

270 Everett Rd @ West Front St.
P.O. Box 328
Lincroft, NJ 07738


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  1. Pastor Diane Ford

    Greetings, All! This summer is a new beginning at Lincroft Church — new pastor (me), new ways to serve the community, and new ways to support the spiritual lives of all who visit us. We are a visitor-friendly place and want to share this great faith community. Contact us or just come by!


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