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Earth Care Congregations are those led by PCUSA that have committed to the “Earth Care Pledge” and accomplished a specific number of actions toward caring for God’s earth in four categories: Worship, Education, Facilities, Outreach.

Here is a summary of the current LPC Earth Care programs and activities:



Provide periodic environmental updates for the LPC congregation

Example from Earth Day, 5 May 2019

Earth Day – May 2019 – LPC is an Earth Care Congregation

Welcome to Earth Day 2019 at Lincroft Presbyterian Church, as presented by your Earth Cares Congregation Team.

On April 22, 1970, the very first Earth Day happened.  There were protests, clean-up efforts, and calls to action all over the country.  It was the welcomed start of the modern environmental movement.  Walter Cronkite said “The gravity of the message of Earth Day still came through: act or die”.

49 years later, we have expanded our activism to all corners of the Earth.  But now, more than ever before, it is act or die.

This Earth Day some of the largest environmental groups in the state held a press conference demanding New Jersey Governor Murphy and our state Legislature move forward on a stronger environmental agenda.

We have a climate crisis that’s getting worse!  Sea levels are rising and we have more extreme weather.  New Jersey residents worry about climate damage, and the potential impact of proposed fossil fuel power plants and pipelines.  What’s even more alarming to residents and environmental groups is the lack of urgency the Legislature and Governor show when it comes to reducing Green House Gases and moving forward with renewable energy.

The  BAD news as ripped from the headlines:

*Climate Change is moving faster than anticipated
Scientific American –

*Many leaders are climate change deniers because there is BIG MONEY in fossil fuels.

*Although we will all suffer, the most vulnerable people are at greater risk due to climate changes.

The Bad News about Water:

*Clean water is in jeopardy in the USA because the EPA has been instructed to eliminate protection to streams & wetlands.
Nature –

* The oceans are dying due to human waste.  Plastic islands, as large as the state of Delaware, are harming marine life. Fish are dying from eating plastic, thinking it is jellyfish or a food source.

* Ocean winds are increasing and forming rogue waves.
Science Daily –

* Ocean temperatures are increasing.  Warm, toxic water is killing coral reefs.  Marine life is dying and changing location and migration patterns.  Dolphins are dying of toxic contamination.
National Geographic –

*Glaciers all over the Earth are melting, raising water levels several feet in our immediate future.
National Geographic –

The BAD News for Land and Animals:

* Bees, so very necessary for fruit pollination, are dying due to toxic air and harmful insecticides and pesticides.
Green Peace –

* Animal species are dying – going extinct – due to lack of habitat, poaching, drought.
National Geographic –

* This was the hottest, driest summer on record for the USA, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

* More intense storms and other weather conditions are causing more cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and drought.
National Climate Assessment –

*The United Nations reports that 62 million people were hit by extreme weather.
AP News –

The Bad News for Air:

* Global warming from Greenhouse Gas emissions destroys ice cap life and melts permafrost: releasing many tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

* Air quality has only improved somewhat over the past 50 years.   California has the worst air for a state; India has the worst for a country; China is still far behind due to more cars and fewer bikes than 50 years ago.

* Carbon emissions have increased worldwide, except for Europe, which seems to be doing something right!
NY Times –

The Sad News Headlines:

*Most USA residents are unwilling to change their lifestyle to combat climate change.  They are only willing to cut 50% of greenhouse gas emissions and not willing to fly or drive less or eat less meat.
The Atlantic –

* We are an ecological, environmental and socio-economic dystopia.  We know what we need but are unwilling to suffer a little to obtain it.
NY Mag –

Now for The GOOD NEWS:

We have many Activist Groups working in New Jersey:  Clean Water Action, Environment New Jersey, NJ Food & Water Watch, Clearwater Foundation, Raritan Bay Keeper, Delaware Riverkeeper, Surfrider Foundation, The Sierra Club, Clean Energy for New Jersey, and many more.  More people are now actively environmentally conscious, but there are more hazards than ever before in our lives!

The Presbyterian Synod of the Northeast recognized a MORAL MANDATE for humanity to shift to a sustainable energy regime in a way that is both just and compassionate.

  1. Divest from fossil fuels
  2. Reduce use of fossil fuels
  3. Shrink our carbon footprint
  4. Invest in alternative energy sources

Presbyterian Synod of the Northeast –

Presbyterian General Assembly –

Good News Headlines from various places:

*Individual states and cities are pledging 100% Clean Energy– NO FOSSIL FUELS – in spite of the USA backing out of the Paris Accord. The focus is on solar, wind, hydro, and natural gas. Wind turbines are planned along the entire East Coast.

*New Jersey is moving to 100% Clean Energy by 2050 and 50% by 2030 and Middletown Township is also moving toward 100% Clean Energy.

* New Jersey polluters are being served with civil suits and steep fines.

* New Jersey is fighting underwater seismic boom testing for gas & oil deposits that harm marine life.  Other states joining the injunction are NY, MD, CT, DE, ME, NC, MA, and VA.

* Solar power can convert salt water to Hydrogen gas, a carbon-neutral energy source for cars.

*The Federal government has proposed tide gates and sea walls to protect New Jersey and New York from rising sea water.

*Methane gas, which is 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, can be captured and used for a renewable fuel source.  It is a product of decomposition in landfills, etc.

*Recycled plastic bottles are being used for building materials, decking, and bendable road signage.  Terra Cycle in Trenton, New Jersey is collecting recyclables and turning them into usable picnic tables and playground equipment.

*Many states have banned single-use plastic products and Styrofoam food containers

*Floating garbage collectors are being used on rivers and open seas.

We have many Sustainable Alternatives:

*Farmer’s Markets for local & organic foods will save transportation emissions and pesticide/herbicide contamination.

*Avocado pits can be ground up and made into bowls and utensils, as Mexico is doing.

*Seaweed is made into bowls and utensils for food in Japan.

*Bee’s Wrap, made from honey, is designed for use on foods instead of Saran Wrap, available online.

*Bamboo, a very fast growing, sustainable plant, can be made into a variety of products like: flooring, clothes, linens, utensils, toothbrushes, etc., available online.

* Glass or stainless steel straws are being used instead of plastic or paper beverage straws

*Recycled, reusable bags are being encouraged at stores. Towns are prohibiting single-use plastic or paper.  Lightweight net bags are sold for produce.

*Reusable containers for the “doggy bag” at restaurants and reusable, dedicated lunch bags are encouraged.

*Reusable water bottles & reusable coffee mugs are encouraged at stores.

*Likewise, reusable utensils, not plastic, at work or at parties is encouraged.

*REFUSE single-use plastics in any form.

*Remember: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle — all the time, in all places.

Become an Activist for the future of the Earth


— Improve LPC facilities with a view toward improving the environment as well

Examples of activities::

——- Use of styrofoam beverage cups has been banned at LPC to reduce such refuse

——- Timer controlled lights have been added in restrooms to make more efficient use of electricity


— PCUSA Guide to Greening Presbyterian Churches



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