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December 2016

Message from Pastor Diane Ford


We are declared by Christ as one body, one communion, one unified creation.  The degree to which we live into this reality is the degree to which we are being God’s church in the world.

This is a paradigm shift from what our popular culture proclaims. When we grasp what it means to live as “one” with others and all of creation, we can set aside our smaller concerns for the sake of God’s world.  In fact, we don’t have as many of the smaller concerns – because we identify ourselves with God’s work in the world.

This holy season of Advent and Christmas is precisely the season of Unity.  Into a world of “haves” and “have nots,” Jesus was born.  Into a world full of broken families and estranged relationships he walked.  Into a world full of misogyny, corruption and violence, he brought miracles of healing and belonging. Into a world where “every man for himself” ruled, Jesus taught how to feed thousands, how to lift “the least of these” among us.  Every single person is a needed cell of the Body of Christ in the World.

Jesus is not the church’s hero.  And we do far more in this season than celebrate his birthday. Jesus is the Christ, the One “in whom we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) We are the “little Christs,” as the word “Christian” reflects.

He spent his life seeing through the lies of his social, political culture.  He knew the oneness of God’s creation, and his contemporaries could tell – by noticing with whom he spoke, ate, and walked.  Jesus impressed and offended the religious, political and “regular” people.  Living into our unity with all of creation does that.  LPC has opportunities to impress and offend too.  As we stand for those who are most feared and marginalized, as we mend brokenness in society, as we humble ourselves to care for the earth – people will notice, and come to see what unity with Christ means.

Let us be filled with the wonder and power of Christ’s coming — and merry Christmas to you all.

Pastor Diane

Christmas Eve


Saturday, December 24, 2016, 7:30 PM

Please join us for Christmas Eve Service

All Are Welcome



Calico Cat Christmas Certificate Program

“To live charitably means not looking out for our own interests, but by carrying the burdens of the weak and poor among us.”  Pope Francis

Please contribute to the Calico Cat Christmas Certificate Program during Advent.  Families will receive certificates for food and gifts.  Checks should be written to LPC with memo: Calico Cat Christmas.  Gift certificates for not more than $25 are accepted for Sears, Target and Old Navy.  LPC Deacons have a goal of $800.  Contributions should be at church by December 11.  They will be handed out by Calico Cat on December 15.

Thank you,

Calico Cat, Judy Reichard for the Deacons

National Share the Warmth Day


December 17, 2016

LPC has been invited to join our friends,
at the Mosque to make 100 winter kits
for National Share the Warmth Day.

        Please RSVP with Pastor Diane.


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