February 2018

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February 2018

Leaders in Monmouth County


Seven of us carpooled to Princeton Theological Seminary in January for the annual “Equipping the Saints” day of training for leaders of the church.  This kind of resource for elders and deacons is invaluable as a part of our growth as leaders in Christ’s mission in the world.

.Since we are in a “post-church” era, and since churches are losing their buildings and seminary-trained staff positions, more than ever Elders and Deacons – indeed all Christians — need to live fully into our role as spiritual leaders of our communities. And more than ever, we need to remain faithful to God, as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Notice that two sentences ago I said Christians need to live fully into their role as spiritual leaders of their communities, when you might have expected me to say “of their churches.” We train elders and deacons to lead congregations – but today the world needs mature Christians to lead outside the walls of the church.  This is our place of ministry and of spiritual leadership.

LucyLet’s get clear about what it means to be a “spiritual leader.”  It does not mean you set up a “Spiritual Leader” booth like Lucy or Snoopy in this classic cartoon. It does not mean you become preachy or mention God more than usual. Rather, be yourself to the point that people can actually see what God has done within you.

Jesus’ model of leadership is that of authentic love and servanthood.  In the Kingdom/Realm of God, leaders are the servants of all. One can’t fake that. Compassion, grace, integrity, generosity, loving the enemy and embracing the stranger – these come from God’s Spirit within us.

Spiritual leaders demonstrate the realm of God by the way they deal with everyday life. God molds and fashions us into people of hope, joy, courage and peace. And if we are not living with these at the core of who we are, then our integrity will draw us to God and the Christian community to discover what is getting in the way of our spiritual vitality.

Spiritual leaders are intentional about communion with God. They are connected to Christian community – and, like Jesus, they eat and drink with those who are different from themselves.

Be yourself to the point that people can actually see what God has done within you.  During Lent I invite you to come to terms with the ways Christ ministers through you.  Christ does this. Yes, through each of us, in our unique ways. Make the people wonder what makes you – you.  And when they ask, have an answer.  As Apostle Paul writes, “If they ask… be able to articulate the hope that is within you.” (1 Peter 3:15)

In Faith with You,


All That Jazz: an evening of jazz for Family Promise

Jazz Benefit

Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 7:30 pm
At Lincroft Presbyterian Church
270 Everett Road at West Front Street, Lincroft, NJ

Light Refreshments, RSVP Suggested


A free-will offering benefits:Family Promise - May 2017


piggy bankFree Financial 411 Seminars Demystify
Tax Changes, Social Security, and Retirement Plans

At LPC – Fridays, February 9, 16, and 23 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Resolved to get your finances in order for 2018!

Reserve your seat for a free three-part seminar series that will cover:  

  • Feb 9th – personal income tax preparation,
  • Feb 16th – social security
  • Feb 23rd –  IRA and 401k investments and minimum distributions.

Light refreshments.

Reservations appreciated – click here
or call the Church office at 732-741-8921, Monday through Thursday, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Note – “411” is another term for “information”
For example, Dial 411 for Information


PCUSA-WalkPresbyterians Plan
to General Assembly

January 23, 2018 by Presbyterian News Service

(PNS) A group of Presbyterians will be making their way to the 223rd General Assembly this summer by foot. Organized by Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Fossil Free PC(USA), participants from around the country will walk 260 miles from Louisville, the site of the offices of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), to St. Louis, where this year’s G.A. will be held.

In a joint press release, the participants say they are making the walk this June to “stand against investing in the fossil fuel industry.” The journey begins at the PC(USA) headquarters on June 1 and will close at the opening of the General Assembly on June 16.  Organizers say they will end each day of the walk with teach-ins and worship centering around the stories and experiences of people on the front lines of climate change.

“As a pastor, I plan to participate in the walk because I believe our denomination must always stand alongside the most vulnerable in our society,” said Rev. Neddy Astudillo. “Climate change is demanding from us not just to support with money those who suffer its symptoms, but to look at its root causes and do whatever is in our hands to avoid it.”

Astudillo and other participants will once again urge the General Assembly to vote in favor of the church divesting from fossil fuels. Fifteen presbyteries have already voiced support with the overture.

During the 222nd General Assembly in Portland, Oregon, the Immigration and Environmental Issues Committee recommended divestment by a vote of 31-25, but commissioners voted to continue the church’s current policy of corporate engagement in the hope that companies would work with them to reduce pollution.

“The Presbyterian Church has a long history of caring for creation through worship, education and advocacy,” said the Rev. Abby Mohaupt, moderator of Fossil Free PCUSA. “Divestment is the missing step in our love of God’s creation.”

“We all want to move toward a low-carbon future and it has never been more important to be engaged on this issue than it is now,” said Joseph Kinard, chair of the Committee on Mission Responsibility through Investment. “We agree that climate change is real and that the church needs to respond. This can be achieved through several different strategies.”

Kinard added, “I am reminded of Micah 6:8: ‘What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and walk humbly with your God?’ We wish them well in this endeavor.”

Those interested in walking, sponsoring or endorsing the “PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World” can visit https://pcusawalk.org for more information.

Since 2012, Fossil Free PCUSA has been calling on the PC(USA) to divest from the fossil fuel industry. Since the 1940s, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has worked to end war and seek nonviolent solutions to world problems. Fossil Free PCUSA is a project of the fellowship.

by Rick Jones, Presbyterian News Service

Presbyterian News Service


Surprise the World: A Five-Week Challenge

Wednesdays 6:45-8:00 p.m. in the LPC sanctuary, beginning February 21

Note: Snacks welcome, but no meal will be served.

Based on Michael Frost’s book, Surprise the World: Five Habits of Highly Missional People,
Wednesday nights will be a time to explore, plan and discuss certain Christian “habits” to our lives each week. These habits open us to God’s promptings and guidance in our lives.

The Five Habits

  • Give Blessings – bless 3 people this week with an act of kindness, one of them not from our church.
  • Share food – share a meal with 3 people this week, one of them not being from our church.
  • Learn Christ – add a time to focus specifically on the life of Jesus, marinating in the Gospels.
  • Listen – learn to be still and listen to God every day.
  • Realm of God Journal/Log – log each time you have demonstrated or alerted others to the realm of God.

"Surprise The World" - Michael FrostEach Wednesday evening we will invent ways to take on these disciplines, support one another in our progress, and share “what happened” during the week.  This is not a study group; this is a time of teamwork to take on five habits of action.

Highly recommended:   Get the book!  ($2.00 on Kindle)
Clear your Wednesday evenings – you won’t want to miss any.

Can’t make it Wednesday nights? Get the book and ask a person or two to journey with you for the 5-week challenge.

Sunday morning sermons will also be based on Surprise the World, beginning on Sunday, February 18.



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