February 2020

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February 2020

19 April 2020
Youth Sunday Worship Service

Liam, Zack, Ben (high school seniors) and Gianna  (h.s.junior) will share Scripture as well as their voices of faith. As our young people have grown in their understanding of what it means to be faithful to God as disciples of Jesus Christ, they each have a unique story to share.

Children and Teenagers are a Critical Component  of our Development as a Species

While Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has become the face of a growing global climate movement, she embodies something even larger: the powerful and pointed urgency of youth. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, she was joined in demanding action from global leaders by other teen activists, including 18-year-old journalist Natasha Wang Mwansa.

“The older generation has a lot of experience,” Wang Mwansa said on a panel discussion. “But we have ideas, we have energy, and we have solutions for the ‘now’ problems and the ones that are coming up.

There is a lot of reason to believe that adolescents are at the cutting edge of social change, according to Alison Gopnik, a developmental psychologist and one of the On Being guests. “Part of that is [their] capacity to think about all the different possibilities about the way the world could be,” she says. And this bent toward prosociality and altruism — combined with innovative ideas and energy — makes children and teenagers a critical component of our development as a species. “The whole point of childhood is to have each generation introduce new variability, new noise and randomness, and new possibilities,” Gopnik says.

Gopnik’s observation raises an interesting question: What does it look like for older generations to actually listen to this creativity and energy and take it seriously? As Thunberg has tirelessly reminded adults, when it comes to climate change, listening looks like taking immediate action to eliminate carbon emissions. More broadly, listening can also include cultivating friendship “The wisdom of young adulthood and of the teenage years [is that] you have this sense of urgency about what is possible,” Krista Tippett says in “Living the Questions.” “That urgency is fierce, but it’s also fragile. I really think it needs to be accompanied to stay alive, to stay confident in itself.”
Note: Living the Questions is an occasional On Being segment where Krista muses on questions from our listening community.

Regardless of the context, tending to intergenerational dialogue is an opportunity for wider perspective — or, at least, an opportunity to step outside of our static and comfortable ways of thinking and being and remember the wonder of what really matters. After all, we were all children once.

Kristin Lin, Editor, The On Being Project; 25 January 2020




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