January 2018

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January 2018

Master Jesus and The Last Jedi


Whether or not you have seen all the Star Wars movies multiple times and then went to see the new one, “The Last Jedi,” on Christmas Day — you must appreciate the film’s message of resistance.  In this action-packed, violent movie, a “Code-Breaker” said, “The ones selling the weapons make all the money; they sell to the good guys and the bad guys. Don’t you see? It’s a “machine” [of warfare]; don’t buy into it.”.

To not buy into the machine is an example of nonviolent resistance.  As a Christian leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught and demonstrated a Bible-based (and rare) form of nonviolent resistance to injustice. As we mature into “the mind of Christ,” (Phil. 2), we see the sacred human value, even in our enemies. It is this sacredness that fuels the cause of non-violence.

And as we consider humanity’s sinful nature, combined with the woundedness we all walk around with, it is no wonder we have made this a dangerous world to live in.  Main characters in The Last Jedi have experienced the light as well as the dark side of the force. As long as they are in conflict about which to choose, there is hope that they will choose the light. The audience sees the woundedness that leads to mad desire for power; and we also see compassion shown toward the mad ones. Rather than giving up on these wounded, they hope for their conversion, which will save not only them, but the whole world.

It is a noble and fierce battle; the story teaches endurance, collaboration and faithfulness to the cause which is bigger than any one person or generation. The presence of Carrie Fisher drives the truth of this lesson home.  Whatever the madness, whatever the evil and life-denying actions, the Resistance prevails throughout the decades and centuries.

And what of the church of Jesus Christ? In Matthew 24 and 25, there is a string of parables that all have to do with how Christians are to conduct our nonviolent, injustice-resisting lives. The parables speak of being “ready, watchful and awake”; being “wisely prepared vs. foolish”; being “good and trustworthy” workers while the master is away rather than “wicked and lazy”; and those who, unknowingly, serve or do not serve Christ by how they serve others.

The Christian Church is accountable to God for resisting the injustices going on in our country right now. We are the “Christian Resistance”; we have all we need, and no matter the odds, we prevail, knowing there will always be others in the resistance to join and encourage our mission.

For further reading: There are many books one can read on the subject of nonviolent resistance, and one short article gets to an important distinction of tactical vs. philosophical nonviolence: click here .     http://www.crmvet.org/info/nv2.htm  ]

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better,
the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph. – Haile Selassie I

In Faith with You,

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