May 2021

The Epistle - LPC Newsletter

May 2021

Diane R. Ford - April 2018

Lying, thinking
Last night
How to find my soul a home
Where water is not thirsty
And bread loaf is not stone
I came up with one thing
And I don’t believe I’m wrong
That nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.

segment of the poem “Alone,” by Maya Angelou

I asked a question in a recent sermon, “What is the link between being a great friend for others and being a part of God’s mission in the world?”  Then I pointed out a few things to aid our reflection:

  • To be missional is to be sent by God.
  • Jesus sent his disciples to do what he was doing – spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God, heal, forgive and serve…
  • Jesus gave the “great commandment” sending us into the world to be a good neighbor (love as we love ourselves)
  • Jesus gave the “great commission,” sending us in to the world to share the Good News.
  • In baptism we are sent to die and rise – die to that which hinders, and rise to be a new creation in Christ.

What story do you have as an example of Being a good Friend and Being Sent by God in your life?  To share such stories with one another can be called “engaging in our narratives.”  This kind of communication is much more potent than saying the same phrases every Sunday, or whenever a congregation gathers.

Look for stories – on the Moth radio program, in the lives of your friends and family… and share those that point to matters of the Kingdom – cleverly referred to as the KIN-dom of God.

In Christ with You,




LPC launched the Vocabulary of Faith” lessons In April

In April LPC began hosting small group lessons about our faith.  What are we enthusiastic about?  What would we tell a visitor or seeker considering joining our LPC faith community?

The lessons are based on a six-session curriculum – Testimony: Vocabulary of Faith, developed by the Presbyterian Church.  Testimony’s approach to each lesson is to remember what we already know through personal sharing, to rearticulate (reword) the topic using videos and scripture, and reclaim the topic, or make it our own.

The curriculum consists of six lessons, followed by a discussion about God’s impact on LPC:

  • Who Is God – Almighty
  • Who Are We? – Imago Dei
  • God in Relationship – Covenant
  • God Who Saves – Grace
  • God of Action – Love
  • God of Belonging – Christian Community
  • God’s Impact on Us – God’s Church

Four groups totaling 23 members are underway: The Men’s Discussion Group and the Presbyterian Women’s Bible Study Group, which meet every other week, and two other groups, that meet weekly.   Discussions at our meetings have been engaging and we are learning as we move along.

We are hopeful that the curriculum will be viewed as beneficial and that LPC may eventually sponsor groups comprised of community residents who are not LPC members.

If you are not already in a Testimony Group and would like to join one, please contact Toby in the church office.

Sarah, Frank, Rob


Family Promise Giving Day

Donate here – Family Promise


8 cats


Calico Cat Collection

During the month of March and into early April, the LPC Deacons were collecting for the annual Calico Cat Cleaning products drive.  Over $345 was donated to LPC to help supply cleaning products and toiletries for the family clients of Calico Cat.  Last year, even finding toilet paper in April was a challenge and owing to COVID, Calico Cat offered churches two options.  The list of cleaning supplies could be purchased for the families (now the number of families receiving these products numbers about 10) or a church could supply a $25 gift card which would be given to each family to purchase their own toiletries and cleaning products.  LPC opted for this second option and Deacon Jane Chou delivered $250 worth of Shop Rite gift cards to Calico Cat on our behalf.  An additional $95.80 arrived after the cleaning products gift cards were delivered and the Deacons forwarded these additional funds on to Calico Cat to purchase more supplies for additional clients.  Thanks again for all your generosity for this vital charity in our community.