Music Director

Lincroft Presbyterian Church
2018 —– NEW

Basic Function: 
To be a music leader for the congregation, choir and other artists enhancing the worship and other events of LPC. We are seeking a musician who loves all the arts to join our team of creative worship planners. Depending on the skills of this Music Director, they will rehearse our small-but-skilled choir, and possibly accompany the choir and congregation, and rehearse special readings or dramatizations for worship.

Meets regularly with the pastor for worship planning and collaboration. This schedule is flexible, but as a minimum, that schedule may look like this: August for the fall season, October for Advent and Christmas, January for Lent and Easter, April for Pentecost and summer.

Chooses choral anthems appropriate for worship themes and liturgical seasons, considering abilities and availabilities of singers.

Runs choir rehearsals on week nights and Sunday mornings during the choir season (September – June), preparing the musicians to be confident and joyful in their roles for worship.

Provides musical leadership for special worship services (e.g. Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, memorial services or weddings when the choir is involved.)

Oversees the choral library, purchasing new material within the budget allotted.

Retains guest instrumentalists and other artists, within the budget allotted.

Participates in other artistic offerings during worship that are designed in collaboration with the pastor (e.g. special readings, dramatizations, liturgical dance), taking leadership when appropriate.

Pre-plans music and guest musicians for summer months, when the choir is off. Music Director is not required to be present for those months.

Responsibilities for the Music Director who is also an accompanist for the choir and congregation:
The above responsibilities, plus…

Establishes a schedule with the other (non-conducting) accompanists throughout the year.  On the days that the Music Director is the only staff musician present, they provide service music (e.g. prelude, offertory and postlude), accompany congregational singing and conduct the choir from the piano/organ.   When both staff are present, the Music Director acts as conductor for choir and leader for congregational singing.

Continues to accompany the worship services assigned to them during the summer months. On the other Sundays, they are not required to be present.

Reports directly to the pastor.

Coordinates, supports and supervises LPC’s staff musicians, creating a collegial and productive team, in tune with the goals and priorities of the Worship Committee and pastor. This includes meeting (at least twice per year) with staff musicians outside of regularly scheduled rehearsals for the purpose of planning.

Provides professional, gracious and supportive leadership of the choir and other artists as a team-player, sensitive to and supportive of the goals and mission of LPC.

Participates in annual reviews through the Personnel Committee.

Maintains appropriate boundaries with congregants and staff, complying with the Safety Covenant of LPC. Professional boundaries include not dating members of the music staff or congregation, and not becoming a member of the congregation.

Terms of contract:
Either party can end the contract at any time.

Our compensation plan is based on the guidelines published by various professional organizations. Conceptually, it’s an hourly plan that accounts for the fact that most of a musician’s work time is “invisible” to the public — i.e., planning and rehearsing. We use industry-standard ratios of visible time to invisible time to infer an hourly pay rate, but we don’t expect our musicians to submit a detailed log of their private rehearsal hours.

What we do instead is assign, on a weekly basis, imputed hours to each musician based on the tasks they performed. The tasks currently include music planning, private keyboard rehearsal, private preparation to conduct the choir, attending mid-week rehearsals (as a keyboardist, conductor, or both), and attending worship services (as a keyboardist, conductor, or both).

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