Dedicated Areas

Lincroft_Presbyterian_Church_612x612At Lincroft Presbyterian Church we are fortunate to have many areas on the surrounding grounds that are special and have a persona.  We have trees, paths and a playground that are dedicated to past members, and other areas that have been constructed for LCP by young members of the church.

When you enter LPC grounds and view these areas, think of the people connected with them. Let us remember and care for them.



Prayer Path

One of these dedicated areas is The Prayer Path, located on the right as you enter the parking lot. This is a path in the shape of a cross with three benches for sitting, meditation, contemplation and prayer.  A white butterfly bush sits at the center as a focal point.

The Prayer Path was constructed by Kevin Smith, son of members Donna & Mike Smith, as an Eagle Scout Project with Boy Scout Troop #32, River Plaza, NJ. It was his original idea and design and was completed in July 2004.

LPC Meditation Area
Yucca plant in bloom at the base of the Prayer Path at LPC

Trees on the grounds that bring memories.

Memorial Trees – In memory of two church members:
Eight Pink Kwanza Cherry trees line the edge of LPC property on West Front Street. They
are dedicated and placed there in memory of Jennie Giguere – mother of church member
Jill Humann.
Two pink Weeping Cherry trees on the West Side (office side) of the church building. They
are dedicated to the memory of Carol O’Donnell – mother of church member Tammy O’Donnell.

Memorial Kwanza cherry trees at Lincroft Presbyterian Church
Memorial Kwanza Cherry trees at LPC
Memorial Weeping Cherry trees at LPC
Memorial Weeping Cherry trees at LPC


The Schaefer Tree:

Schaefer Tree-2018-22 April
Schaefer Tree-2018-22 April

A Bradford flowering pear tree planted next to our handicapped parking spaces (at the right in the photo) was gifted to us and planted on May 10, 2005 by Interim Pastor Alan Schaefer and labeled “Thank You, O God, for Lincroft Presbyterian Church and Our MinisTREE Together” tree.

LincroftPresbyterian Church


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